Mr. Friedman, could I ask you a question?

Mr. Friedman, am I predisposed to fascism?

-Belén, Anzoátegui

Mr. Friedman, is opposition to GMOs still reserved for deeply unserious people?

-Elise, Davos

Mr. Friedman, I’m kinda freaking out right now and can’t bring myself to go to my high school prom tonight because I’m just too worried about the Presidential election in Egypt.  But they’re gonna pick the guy we want and everything will go back to normal so I can go on Birthright this summer, right?

- Ashley, Altadena

Mr Friedman, if I can’t tell the difference between my brothers Ahmed and Mohammed, should I refer to both of them as “Ahmed-or-Mohammed”?

-Siham, Jenin

Mr. Friedman, is it your broad shoulders that allow you to so gracefully bear the White Man’s Burden?

- Budiwati, Jakarta

Mr. Friedman, I have a question for you about professionalism. I’m sitting in a panel at a journalism conference. What is the proper etiquette on using your iPhone as a mirror when performing the feminine arts?

-Kiera, Boston

Mr. Friedman, as per your suggestion, NATO bombed my father back to 1389. Is there any way to recover him?

-Danica, Belgrade

Mr. Friedman, have you ever had that not-so-French feeling?

- Erin, Spokane

Mr. Friedman, has there ever been a war between two states that both have strip clubs?

- Masha, Kiev

Mr. Friedman, you inspired me to become a practicing Fayyadist but today I find myself alone and questioning my faith. How can I believe again?

- Suzette, Ramallah

Mr. Friedman, my Ethical Compass is broken. Can you help me fix it? Better yet, can you be my compass?

- Hillary, D.C.

Mr. Friedman, how can I acquire a German work ethic?

-Maria, Corinth

Mr Friedman, am I paying too much for health insurance?
- Ann, Brooklyn
Mr. Friedman, what should I wear to the Mexican Spring?
- Lucinda, Mexico City

Mr. Friedman, I just broke my vase to get rid of the rancid water inside, as you suggested. But now my vase is broken and there is rancid water all over my kitchen floor.  Also, the vase was a very valuable family heirloom. What did I do wrong?

- Salma, Baghdad